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Talent Management Blind Spots

Let’s get real: a talent strategy isn’t about musical chairs and who sits in what seat and when. It’s about building an authentic culture around people—all people—honoring them and enabling them to unleash the best they have. Given the opportunity, everybody brings something to the table.    Read More

The Link Between EQ and Branding

If you do a search on "emotional intelligence" you will find thousands of articles - all of them essentially saying the same thing: the best leaders have high EQ. Here is a short summary of some common traits of leaders with high EQ.   Read more

Time Is Money

Time is currency, especially for leaders. This constant transaction creates heightened pressure to perform. Leaders find themselves with more responsibility and less time, and once you've maxed out productivity, systems can start to break down. Something has got to give, and usually the first things to go are those activities that relate to personal health.   Read more

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