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Leadership Lessons I Learned as a Quarterback and Coach

By Skip Hall

Before becoming a speaker and leadership advisor, I coached college football for 30 years, and played quarterback in both high school and college for eight years. That’s 38 years worth of sports lessons, which has proved to be a rich repository for lessons in both life and business as well. Read More

Revolving Doors and Sleepless Nights

By Mindy Bortness

This week on The Complete Leader podcast, we talk with Mindy Bortness, who is a business advisor and the CEO of Communication Works, Inc. Mindy has been described as “eHarmony for jobs,” and today she shares her insights with us on the three ways that companies can get better at hiring. (Plus we meet her new rescue pup!).Read More

Are You Afraid of Self-Awareness?

By Trish Candler

What two words can elicit fear for most people? Public speaking. Just the thought of having to speak in public terrifies some individuals. Yet, no one seems to have died from the mere act of speaking in public. So what is it about public speaking that creates such strong emotions? Perhaps there are two additional words for people to consider—self-awareness. Read More

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How do I know whether or not I should stick out a bad job situation or just move on?

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