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How Leaders Can Help Employees Through Change

By Whit Mitchell

For many people, change can be uncomfortable. They find comfort in the way things have been done and instinctively try to go back to the way things were. Back to where patterns are known, and there are no surprises.Read more.

When It Comes to Hiring, Assess Don't Guess

Today we talk with Mindy Bortness, who is a leadership advisor, hiring guru, and the CEO of Communication Works. Mindy has been called The Turnover Doctor and her work referred to as eHarmony for Jobs. Today she shares the history of assessments in workplace, and why they have become such mainstream practice with companies of all sizes. Mindy gives us three assessments that get great results, and explains why candidates appreciate assessments during the hiring process.Listen here.

The New Leadership Pathway: Ron Price at ATD International Conference

I recently had the privilege of attending and speaking at the 2016 International Conference of the Association for Talent Development ( Over 10,000 attendees from around the world gathered in Denver, Colorado to share their common interests in identifying, developing and promoting talent at work.Read more.

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