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Do You Know What You Really Value?

It is pretty clear from a myriad of research studies that a high percentage of people in our country really struggle to stay engaged; both on the job and in their personal lives. You have probably found it true in your own ‘informal study’, talking with your friends, neighbors and co-workers about their jobs. Finding someone who really loves what they do is not a common occurrence.   Read More

Overcoming Leadership Isolation

You’re cut off. Removed. Isolated, from critical feedback vital to predicting challenges, adapting to change and sustaining growth. Join us for a complimentary webinar on overcoming leadership isolation and eliminating blind spots.   Read more

Quiet Leader Challenge: Self-acceptance

Carl Rogers built an entire counseling theory on the core human need for self-acceptance.  Believing that the rejection that we have experienced from significant others is at the root of our psychological struggle, Rogers set out to give his clients a gift: unconditional positive regard.   Read More

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