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Coaching the Doctrine of Excellence
A Conversation with Skip Hall About Integrity and Staying on Track

For 40 years, Coach Hall has coached the Doctrine of Excellence—a set of principles that result in recruiting and retaining great teams and achieving superior results in sports, business and life. Read More

TCL Video Series: Written Communication with Dale Dixon

Interpersonal skills are important for a leader because the people that are working for you need to feel connected. In this video, TCL member Whit Mitchell shares his insights on the great things that can happen in your company when you care about and are sincere with your employees.Read More

The Tie Between Flexibility & Relevance
3 Reasons Leaders Struggle with Flexibility

When Randy and I were writing “The Complete Leader” we realized that flexibility and resilience are closely tied together in effective leadership. There are two factors that allow trees to survive constantly changing and, sometimes volatile, environments. The first is the depth and integrity of their root systems. Rodger Price, owner of Leading By Design, refers to a “Do-Know-Be” tree: our roots represent who we are as leaders.Read More

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How do I know whether or not I should stick out a bad job situation or just move on?

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Our company culture is really negative. Is there anyway I can address this without offending my boss?

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