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Multiply Your Time—Five Steps to Effective Delegation

The challenges of self-management for leaders are by far greater today than they have ever been because of the way that technology has turned us into a 24-7 world. This factor combined with globalization has made managers responsible for a scope of work that goes far beyond their time zone and far beyond the past expectations we’ve put on leaders. Read More

Yin Leader Tony Hsieh

In the West, we tend to emphasize leaders who are competitive, aggressive, outgoing and charismatic (a.k.a. extroverted). Extroversion is yang. Yin leaders are different. In this series of articles Andy Johnson highlights those differences, pointing to effective leaders from today and throughout history that exemplify the other side of leadership. Read More

How Leadership, Culture and Brand are being re-defined

The era of top down, process-centric management is drawing to a close and being replaced by leaders who are authentic, empathic and innovative.  What are they doing differently? How are they dealing with obstacles? How are they measuring results? Read more

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