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Do You Know What You Really Value?

It is pretty clear from a myriad of research studies that a high percentage of people in our country really struggle to stay engaged; both on the job and in their personal lives. You have probably found it true in your own ‘informal study’, talking with your friends, neighbors and co-workers about their jobs. Finding someone who really loves what they do is not a common occurrence.   Read More

Exemplifying the Doctrine of Excellence

According to Senator Charles "Chuck" Winder, excellence can come in many forms, be it creating life-saving medical technology, starting a business, or committing to your family. And while Senator Winder understands excellence as something that can be achieved in many ways and in many facets of life, he also believes excellence is deeply rooted in accountability, not only to others, but also to oneself. Read more

Building a Happy & Harmonious Team Culture

When’s the last time you looked at each other at the end of the week and celebrated what you were building together, your shared accomplishments? Every team wants this feeling, but few know how to get there.  Read More

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