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"The Greatest" Change

In my home town we recently buried a local hero, known around the world as Muhammad Ali. There have been many commentaries on his life, his courage, his greatness and his ability to connect to so many different types of people. Just consider his eulogists – and the life experiences they described.Read more.

Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts in the Workplace

In this video, Ron Price, Leading by Design president Roger Price and The Complete Leader faculty members Courtney Feider and Andy Johnson discuss the definition of Ambiverts, stereotypes and misconceptions of Introverts and how recognizing the many facets of a person makes us better leaders.Watch here.

Recruiting to Your Culture

Today our guest is Skip Hall, who is a recruiting specialist, senior executive coach and speaker. Skip spent his career as a college football coach and translates lessons from the field into business lessons for his clients. Skip gives us the key to identifying your culture, hiring to fit that culture, and why recruiting should be more about attracting than convincing.Listen here.

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How do I know whether or not I should stick out a bad job situation or just move on?

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Our company culture is really negative. Is there anyway I can address this without offending my boss?

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