Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

Executive Coach to Quiet Leaders, Team Health Specialist

Andy Johnson has been in the service industry for almost thirty years. In his work as an executive coach, organizational advisor and consultant, he partners with organizational leaders and teams to produce tangible and measurable results. Working in synergy with the team, Andy draws on his many years of experience in various fields of service, to help groups focus on improving teamwork, appreciating differences, reducing conflict and increasing overall team morale and effectiveness. He is uniquely qualified and passionate about working with organizations in preventing, managing and resolving conflict situations that drain the life and productivity out of the system.

Andy is a gifted speaker, presenter and writer and has spent years perfecting his ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise fashion. He has a knack for systematizing things and seeking to explain difficult subjects through the use of explanatory diagrams, charts and illustrations. His ability to connect with his audience is one of his strongest assets.

Andy is a TTI Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst and a Certified Professional Emotional Intelligence Analyst. He incorporates his knowledge and interpretation of these objective assessments and others to provide tangible and measurable results in the form of organizational effectiveness, productivity and overall health. He also incorporates his knowledge of healthy family systems and their dysfunctional counterparts to assist organizations located at the intersection of business coaching and professional counseling services, the family business.

Prior to joining Price Associates, Andy worked for many years in the field of architecture, founding a successful practice in Meridian, Idaho, Johnson Architects, PC. The mid-size firm specialized in medical, high-tech, industrial, religious and high-end residential projects. He is also a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and has worked with many individuals, couples and families to overcome a variety of dysfunctions, personal and interpersonal struggles. In addition, he is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Methodist Church (EMC). He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cal Poly State University, SLO and a Masters of Community Counseling from Northwest Nazarene University.

Andy is the author of Pushing Back Entropy: Moving Teams from Conflict to Health and The End of Conflict: Resisting False Utopia in Hope of True Restoration. His newest book is Introvert Revolution: Leading Authentically in a World that Says You Can't and is the subject of his website, IntrovertedLeadership.

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